In 2012 Peter Giannitsas, who was in the hospitality business for years partnered with Michael Akapnitis and the men became owners of the Dix Hills Diner. They refurbished the place to the sparkling gem it is today. Peter tries to make everyone feel special and his goal is to greet customers and offer friendly service and great food. Peter, along with his staff, get to know what they like and treats them like family.

Michael, a culinary trained chef, comprised a menu of all the favorites you would expect to get at a diner and more: soups, sandwiches, burgers, breakfast foods, chicken, steaks, chops, and baked goods of all shapes and sizes. To that plethora of culinary delights, he added refined dishes to the lunch and dinner Specials Menus.

Their philosophy is to “keep it simple”. Everything is as fresh as possible so the true flavors of the ingredients come through. They offer the best in each dish… with a twist. Customers flock to the Dix Hills Diner because they know the food they get there is top quality. House specialties include exceptional pancakes, and salmon burgers with a gentle kick from chipotle mayo. Mile High Meatloaf is a signature dish: stacked meatloaf and mashed potatoes topped with gravy and fried onion rings. It’s a mountain of great flavors and textures. Portions are very generous at the Dix Hills Diner and you’ll never leave hungry…but always leave room for their homemade desserts. 

"Stay Hungry Our Friends"

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